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Hadouken! - For The Masses (2010)

Така чакания от мен втори албум на англичаните Hadouken! взе, че излезе. Като страстен почитател на жанровете new rave и grime, този факт дълбоко ме развълнува. Със съжаление, обаче установих, че този албум е по-слаб от предния. При все това е чудесен.

genre: grime, new rave, electronic, indie,
 01. Rebirth
02. Turn The Lights Out
03. M.A.D
04. Evil
05. House Is Falling
06. Mic Check
07. Ugly
08. Bombshock
09. Play The Night
10. Lost
11. Retaliate (Bonus Track)
12. Turn The Lights Out(Spor Remix)
13. Turn The Lights Out(JFB Remix)

Hadouken! са едно от най-свежите неща, които съм чувала през последните години и ако Prodigy бяха наркоманизиран английски побойник, то Hadouken! биха били неговото сополиво, емоционално и доста девиантно отроче.

Пак ще изплагиатствам описанието от друго място, а именно техния myspace (защото по-точно не може никой да го каже):

Hadouken! return with their hugely-anticipated second album, ‘For The Masses’, on January 25 2010. The follow-up to 2008’s ‘Music For An Accelerated Culture’, their 100,000 selling debut album, ‘For The Masses’ was recorded in Groningen, Holland with gilded Dutch electronic producers Noisia and is released on Hadouken!’s own Surface Noise Recordings. ‘For The Masses’ is a landmark modern dance-rock album that cements Hadouken!’s reputation as Britain’s most forward-thinking and dynamic young band. “We know what our fans want,” says singer James Smith. “They want it hard and they want it fast. I want this record to sound good over a 1000 kilowatt sounds system or on a Nokia phone on the back of a bus. We don’t want to discriminate. We just want to make immediate contact.

Оп, оп, Noisia продуценти, това обяснява много неща. :)


‘For The Masses’ evolves the edge of your seat meld of twenty ton club rhythms, furious guitars and keen-witted 21st century lyrical journals located on ‘Music For An Accelerated Culture’ by delivering ten tracks that are even harder, even louder, even more rhythmic and even more tightly focused than anything they’ve attempted before, or than anything else on offer by their contemporaries. If an historic comparison was to be attempted, cast your mind back to the earliest, comparatively sketchy works by the likes of the Prodigy or Chemical Brothers. Then recall the impact when each delivered ‘Fat Of The Land’ and ‘Dig Your Own Hole’.. That’s the kind of leap forward successfully maneuvered here. Britain’s next great dance-rock band have arrived.


Ако горното ви е допаднало, препоръчвам ви също така да се сдобиете и с Music For An Accelerated Culture оттук.

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