вторник, 19 януари 2010 г.

Faultline - Your Love Means Everything (2002)

След като чух този албум, спокойно мога да си прережа вените.

genre: all that is beautiful, electronica, IDM,

01. Your Love Means Everything
02. Where is My Boy? (vocals by Chris Martin)
03. We Came from Lego Blocks (vocals by Vordul Megilah)
04. Theme for Half Speed
05. Wild Horses (vocals by Joseph Arthur)
06. Sweet Iris
07. Biting Tongues (vocals by Ras B)
08. Clocks
09. The Colossal Gray Sunshine (vocals by The Flaming Lips)
10. I Only Know Myself
11. Greenfields (vocals by Michael Stipe)
12. Lost Broadcast
13. Your Love Means Everything Part 2 (vocals by Chris Martin)

Виждаме няколко познати мутри - Chris Martin от Coldplay, Michael Stipe от R.E.M., Nick McCabe от The Verve, Cannibal Ox и The Flaming Lips.

Пак ме мързи, затова - "нека говорят":
The Sunday Times - "...devestating, beautiful and compelling."
NME - "...a must-hear record."
Mojo - 4 (out of 5)
- "Marvellous...basks in the strange afterglow of lost love."

Timeout - "...inspirational, a genuine triumph."
Uncut - "...sublime."