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Delilah – From the Roots Up (2012)

Екскюз май френч.

genre: rnb, soul, trip hop, pop

01 – Never Be Another
02 – Breathe
03 – I Can Feel You
04 – Shades of Grey
05 – Only You
06 – Inside My Love
07 – 21
08 – Go
09 – So Irate
10 – Love You So
11 – Insecure
12 – Tabitha, Mummy and Me
13 – Cinnababy
14 – See You Again
15 – Disrespect

I saw the leak on the night that I opened that window
I saw the flickering links of the sounds of her mind
She is a woman
As she sang I listened and the music wasn't really my kind

Вай, вай, вай,, Delilah
Why, why, why, Delilah

I could see this girl is not my cup of tea
But I kept listening cause the album I got it for free

At break of day when I keep murmur at bay, I was thinking
I pushed play again and was hungry for more
She stood there singing
I felt the knife in my hand and the cake was no more

Ai, ai, ai, Delilah
I try, try, try, Delilah

So before I proclaim From The Roots Up a bore
Forgive me Delilah, I just couldn’t see it before

(insert trumpet solo here)

She stood there singing
I felt her voice in my head and she wasn’t a bore

Ty, ty, ty, Delilah
My, my, my Delilah

So before I say it’s bad and made me snore
Forgive me Delilah, for that night I was just sour


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